Shoulder dragon XXL, Special Ed., sequin black, spiky crest

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New design with wire-reinforced horns. The dragons body is filled with plastic granules, wings and horns are reinforced with wire, which makes them bendable for optimal decoration!

Whilst sitting on your shoulder, this dragon will be a wonderful companion into fantastic worlds, but he is equally at home on your sofa, book shelf or computer screen and any other beautiful places.

length: approx. 65 cm
Design by: TROLLART

Category: XXL Specials

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This shoulder dragon, lovingly handcrafted, has reinforced wings and horns that can be draped very nicely.

Long awaited and coveted by collectors, our new shoulder dragons specials hatch every spring. They are strictly limited, usually between 20 and 30 pieces. Due to the balanced pattern and the granulate filling, he can sit perfectly on your shoulder. Should you not be able to take it with you sometimes, he surely will find a nice place at home where he can be used decoratively.

Usually dragons choose their own humans. If you are not sure whether you have been chosen, look him in the eyes and you will know and have a loyal companion for a long time. Dragons can get very old if they are kept in a species-appropriate manner and, as we know, they have a weakness for glittering jewelery, which they like to guard well. Good for those who have a dragon as a friend.

Length: approx. 65 cm

Pattern and design: TROLLART

Handmade by TROLLART


Care instructions:

Dragons are best cared for like all other pets, so please do not put them in the washing machine, dryer or microwave.

Bathing is OK, carefully by hand with warm water and a mild foam. Then wrap the dragon in a towel and roll it on a firm surface with light pressure, do not wring it out with force.

In order to avoid discolouration, you can use a hair dryer for first blowing dry the wings, eyes and horns and then let him dry lying on a towel on a grid.

If necessary, plush combs can be combed carefully with a soft brush.

Then he is fit for new adventures again.


Manufacturer: TROLLART
Item weight: 0,50 kg